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Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster

The Daily Prompt… I want to do this (after I get the W.O.W. posted)


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Meeting a Challenge

I was a little unsure of where to begin for my first post, not because I have nothing to write.  It would be ridiculous to start a blog if I had nothing to write, but I just have so much I would like to write about that I was not sure where to begin. I decided to enforce the most important practice I learned in Business School – K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid)…

“The Daily Post at WordPress” has posted a weekly writing challenge called “A Pinch of You”.  It is a creative writing challenge.  The idea is to create a recipe that is the essence of oneself, what makes you you.  I needed to get some content up soon so I decided to take on this challenge and use it as my first blog entry.  I thought it would give my potential readers (since I am certain I don’t have any yet) a glimpse into the realm that is “The Crystal Palace”. (By the way, that nickname will certainly come up in future posts so I will try to explain it at some point.)



1 Root of crazy – finely ground

2 tsp. Ground ginger (for a little spice)

1 Copy of the sheet music for the choral version of Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes”

1 Copy of Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

1/2 C. of Barbie doll hair

2 tsp. Broken heart


2 C. course, crystallized sugar

1 Belly Dance/Zumba hip scarf

3-month supply of Bee Fertile

1 Kevlar vest

1 Jar Royal Jelly

500 doses of Benadryl

1 Bottle Acetometaphine

1 Package AA Batteries

1/3 C. Malibu rum

1 Pair lace, animal print panties (preferably leopard)

1/2 C. regret


At least 6 tattoos

1 Tube BB Cream

1 Bottle pink shellac

4 Tbsp. Hope


  1. Mix crust ingredients in a spittoon until thick dough forms
  2. Press firmly into an upside down cowboy hat
  3. Bake at one degree hotter than Hell
  4. Whisk filling ingredients together in a sand bucket
  5. Pour into cooled crust
  6. Freeze for two hours
  7. Ice with BB cream
  8. Sprinkle with hope
  9. Decorate with shellac and tattoos to taste

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