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Random Rantings – Taking Chances

Since this is my personal blog there are no rules to follow, meaning I can post whenever I want, about whatever I like. So, for the sake of having nothing else to do and curbing my anxiety I want to make a random post about something that is eating at me, and I need feedback so please KEEP READING.

I tend to be careful, too careful. I went to church every time the doors were open when I was a kid because it was a guaranteed community – a group of people with like beliefs who were (for the most part) very kind to me, kinder than anyone else – even my family. It was safe… I went to the same college all my friends from church went to because a) my friends were there, and b) it was close to home… I married a boy I grew up around. I knew him my entire life and I knew he would never leave our home town because he was a coward just like me. I THOUGHT he was safe. (That’s another story.)

The problem with being careful all the time is that it’s so dreadfully boring! From time to time I’ve been known to take small risks, some of which are good, but I have lived to regret most of them. I have had my share of risky romances. I went on a spring break trip to London with a group of people I barely knew and who mostly hated me by the end of the trip. I had an affair and divorced my husband – lost everything. I finished my bachelors degree online (much harder to do than it may seem). I called a guy I met in a bar and agreed to a date when I was mid-miscarriage with a Summer fling’s twins. Yes. That really happened. For the record, he’s amazing and it was the best risk I have ever taken.

I DO have a point… I feel stuck – stuck in Southern Illinois, stuck in my job, stuck in debt, stuck with depression, and stuck in this life. I feel that my parents are largely to blame. I can’t change how I feel and I know my mom and dad (stepdad) did their best, but my “real” father is completely self-involved and my mom didn’t encourage me to go to school or help pay for it. She certainly didn’t try to help me find any direction or help me find someone who could. Yes. I had a mom and grandmother who did their best to raise me well, and they did. I am a productive member of society, but I am STUCK. The worst part is, my mom raised me to be stuck, just like everyone else around here.

I’ve decided I don’t want to be stuck anymore. I don’t want to be my mom in 25 years, sitting in the same spot on the same couch in the same house watching the same crappy sitcoms. I want to go somewhere. I want to do and be more than what this life has dished out to me. I think I have finally had enough and I am ready to fly!

There is only one problem with all of this. I am BROKE. I have NO savings. My boyfriend and I always seem to get just a little bit ahead just before some great catastrophe. It may not seem like much, but three days off work is half my rent for the month!

Here’s a question for all you folks out there who have gotten the heck out of Dodge… HOW DID YOU DO IT??? I don’t want the typical stories (college, military, marriage, etc). I want to know how Average Joe just picks up and leaves from Smalltown, USA and finds his Heaven on Earth. How can anyone afford to uproot and move out of state? How do you get jobs when you live HOURS away? How do you find a place to live? (And do they accept pets?)

I have a Business degree. I am an excellent typist. I have done clerical work and customer service (mostly in the medical industry) my entire life, not to mention I do have SOME writing talent. That has to be worth something! JT is the hardest working person I know. He’s great with his hands, intelligent, and everyone likes him. The problem is getting two great people from where we are to where we want to be. We’ve decided we do NOT want to be here!

So, please share with me how YOU DID IT. How did you move clear across the country? How did you leave everything  you know, find work, and a place to live? How did you AFFORD it? I just have no idea where to begin.


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